Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The statement described below are the terms of use mentioned by the Hotmail help desk number for site users. We regularly update our terms of use without notice; therefore, please continue to review any changes occasionally for the latest updates. We take the privacy of our customers and site visitors very seriously. We use the personal data provided by customers for their benefits and we do not misuse it. In the case of technical support provided by phone or email, we only request the information necessary to complete the transaction.

Generally, we request essential information such as registered user identification and computer information, including your Hotmail Login or Forget Password and the type of problems you are facing. When reading these terms and conditions, it is the user’s decision to proceed with any activity that requests to share said personal information.

However, you should also be aware that in certain cases, if you do not provide such information, you may not be able to complete the specific procedure for further transactions. The Hotmail help desk number works with the following terms and conditions followed by our company, so we ask our clients and site users to read the terms and conditions before using any service, as they contain important information and instructions with our exchange rights without prior notice.

1) Personal information: We will ask you to share your personal identification or personal information that allows us to contact you. At the time of registration, each user must provide their contact information, such as first and last name, email address, postal address and other personal identification, etc. The team at my Hotmail help desk number will use your contact details to contact you with respect to the products or services you have requested while using our website. That may include renewal notifications, re-enrollment, surveys, special offers to improve our services for customers. 

2) Payment information: If a user visits our site and registers with us to use the service offered by the Hotmail phone number, we do not ask anyone to collect their credit card details directly in phone calls. The user enters this information himself and the number of the Hotmail help desk can be used by third parties to verify and process credit cards only for billing purposes. We may share this payment information with a third party only in certain cases to complete the necessary payment processing. All the details of the cards and debit or credit numbers are used with secure servers and the number of the Hotmail help desk cannot access these numbers without obtaining the permission of the respective clients.

Computer system Information

Computer system Information: we request information from the computer system and access it with the full knowledge of customers. We may request system login, passwords, and other permissions to access the computer’s software programs to identify problems and other issues. The terms of use for computer system information are discussed as follows, please read before providing access for technical support.

Subscriber’s computer:

We may request information related to your computer system, which may include information such as the date of purchase of the computer, type of computer, identification number of the computer, model and version of your computer and software / hardware or peripherals connected to it, physical condition of the computer, system log data or hardware installation and configuration and error tracking files, etc. All this information is required to give you personalized technical support, it also helps us to update our helpdesk and improve the list of our compatible products.


to provide you with an outcome oriented support service, we need to take control of your computer. Hotmail help desk number uses certified tools that allow users to grant access to the user’s computer to our technicians remotely on the internet, so they can diagnose the problem to solve it. Our technical support experts cannot use the remote control enabled customer support service until they have gone through the appropriate training and authorized user to give you control. Our technical support team never uses it to acquire confidential or personal information stored on the user’s computer, intentionally destroy the original information on the user’s computer or network, or with the intention of addressing any problems with their system.

Diagnostic tools

during the support process Hotmail The Helpline can use various online diagnostic applications to gather useful information to know the state of the computer and the software application installed on it. This information is wrapped in a document that contains the important details required by the Hotmail help desk number and processed securely over the Internet to the Hotmail phone number server by a third party server assigned by the number. from the Hotmail help desk. Our support team examines this information to identify and resolve customer issues.

Information collected by the Hotmail Help Desk Number application will not contain any confidential information such as site visit history, email messages, email identifiers sent to, profile, logins and passwords, etc. Technical support via remote access and the diagnostic application is also subject to the terms of use in the respective software license agreement between the user and the service provider.

Live support session Logs

Hotmail The technical assistance line reserves the right to monitor online and offline sessions organized between the user and members of the technical support team only to guarantee quality control for the service offered to the customer for the technical support team. In addition, we may also record online or offline sessions conducted on the website for user reference and to provide assistance in resolving complaints or disputes in the near future. Session records can also be used to improve the service, provide knowledge-based support, or drive the research market. And the session registration data will not link personally identifiable data of any individual client. These terms of use establish how the Hotmail help desk number uses and avoids information that a customer provides to our support team at the time of using the website. The Hotmail help desk number is committed to ensuring that your personal information is fully protected. If we ask you to share such sensitive information by which you can identify yourself while using our site, then you can make sure that it will be used in accordance with this terms of use policy. Hotmail Help Desk is also reserved to change the terms of use from time to time update this page, so you should continue to review this page periodically to make sure you agree to the changes.

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