Refund Policy

Refund Policy

The annual subscription support plans we offer offer a twelve-month warranty and can be refunded within 15 days of the subscription amount received. However, depending on the pure discretion of company management on the virtues of In an individual case, payment may be refundable if for any reason you are not happy with our service, and we will also do our best to resolve the issues. . However, in the event that you are still not satisfied with our service, we will provide a refund policy as follows: We have a 15-day money-back policy with the following terms and conditions. For annual / small business plans:-

• 100% of the plan price will be refunded, if claimed within 15 calendar days of subscription.

• The refund policy is not applicable for incidence plans

• And no money will be refunded after 15 calendar days of the subscription plan. Refunds are only accepted, any of the following circumstances:

• When you have all the prerequisites necessary to resolve the issues and that was not resolved even your account was active.

• The problem is out of reach for the particular plan.

• 15 days have not passed after the last problem was solved by the Hotmail help desk number.

• No issue or closed ticket has been resolved in the past for unlimited plans. User responsibility (important) with respect to obtaining services, you agree that:

Please be patient and cooperate with the technicians of the Hotmail help desk number.  We will use our best efforts to provide support. And based on our past experiences, most problems can be solved as a result of closing cooperation between you and our technicians.

following conditions are met:

the circumstances giving rise to the question is reproducible as particular system, that is, a CPU with its terminal and other peripherals; you must be too well aware of installed software, hardware system and facts and conditions the event; the complete system including hardware and software is available with you with accessibility by you without any limitation on the moment of any telephone conversation with technicians or support personnel of Hotmail help desk number

Software / Data Backup:

You must be well known and accept that under no circumstances will the Hotmail help desk number be responsible. for any lost or damaged software. Hotmail help desk number strictly recommends your customers to always maintain and maintain data backup with ourdisaster recovery plan.

Password and Security:

In order for users to submit a plan order, they must complete the registration procedure providing us with the complete, latest, and accurate information as requested and required at the time of the registration process. You can choose your username and password, and you are individually responsible for maintaining the privacy of your account password.

Furthermore, you are also solely responsible for all activities that it happens on your account. You agree to immediately inform the Hotmail Help Desk Number of any unauthorized access or use of your account or any other type of security breach. The Hotmail help desk number will not be responsible for any misconduct or data loss that occurs as a result of unauthorized access or use of your account / password, either without or with your knowledge. However, you may be responsible for losses suffered by the Hotmail help desk number or someone else because someone else uses your login account or password. And you are also not authorized to use anyone’s account without the authorization of its original owner. Data backup You are fully and exclusively responsible for preserving and maintaining backup copies of all information, including text, data and other software materials and applications stored on your computer system and storage system before opting for our service. You agree and acknowledge that the Hotmail help desk number or its other members are under no circumstances liable for any corruption or loss of customer data, hardware or software that may arise from the services.

This privacy policy maintains how you use the Hotmail help desk number and prevents the information you share with Hotmail customer service when you use or visit this website. We promised to do make sure your privacy is fully protected against any misuse. If you are asked to provide this type of confidential information by which it can be recognized while using the website, then you can ensure that it can only be used in accordance with the privacy policy followed by the Hotmail help desk number for this website. The Hotmail help desk number service is fully authorized to change or modify this policy statement periodically by updating the website. Therefore, you should periodically check this policy to confirm that you agree to all changes.

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